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Aloha guys,
I was going to wait to send this with our next newsletter, but I was happily surprised that so many were interested to hear the story, so here it is!! Now I think in order to share what God has done for us when it comes to housing in general it’s best to start at the beginning..

May 2017: Tyler and I got engaged and immediately started planning our future together. We both didn’t want to wait and we decided that we wanted to get married that fall ( 4 months later ) Now if you have ever planned a wedding, you know how wild a short timeline can be, and then add on top of that, two young adults in their 20’s trying to figure out where they were going to live. I also had my sweet puppy Kopa that lived with me, and we were a packaged deal. Enter the long hours of house searching and lotttss of tears as we saw with our budget, and what we needed/wanted, there just wasn’t anything available. We started praying and asking the Lord for a miracle. The day after that we got a call.. Not only did the Lord bless us with a place to call home, he blessed us with the cutest little house that was pet friendly, within our budget, and only minutes away from both of our workplaces! The Lord showed up and Showed off!

January 2019: Tyler and I moved out to Kona to be a part of The University of the Nations YWAM. Now we both had felt in our spirit this was the date the Lord had told us to come, however the campus hadn’t anticipated such a large school and didn’t know if they would be able to offer housing to the new staff coming. After spending time in prayer we both felt assured the Lord said to trust him and go. So we booked our tickets. We found out campus housing came through for us 3 days before we left. The Lord showed up and showed off!

March 2020-August 2021: Once covid hit the island and the university started sending everyone home Tyler and I prayed together and felt the Lord tell us to stay. We booked an air bnb and had just finished packing up our room when the campus leaders wrote Tyler and asked us to stay on campus. There were only about 75 people that stayed on campus out of the 1,000+ that were there for schools. That time on campus was a crazy season full of campus clean ups, painting, remodeling, and TONS of moving around for us. In the months during shutdown Tyler and I moved 4 times! Each time the Lord blessed us with a little upgrade. We went from a small dorm room, to a bigger room with a loft, to a bigger room with a loft and ocean view, to a bigger room with an ocean view and a loft that was large enough to stand up in. Every time we moved we felt the Lord say “thank you for continuing to trust me” and he would romance us with the sweetest gifts. During all our moves we went from having zero furniture to having a couch, tv, cubbies, ect. The Lord showed up and showed off!

September 2021: The campus anticipated it’s largest school since covid shutdown and urged staff to find off campus housing. Now even though you still pay for campus housing as a staff, the fee is nothing compared to what the current housing market in Hawaii is like, and on top of that there is such a demand for housing and very little supply. In other words, we prayed for our miracle again. The Lord provided us with an opportunity to sublet for some friends while they were away for a few months and even provided extra funds to cover the change in payment! On top of that Ryder had his own room for the first time and we had a full kitchen complete with an oven and stove! ( something we hadn’t had since moving from California since we lived in dorms ) The Lord showed up and showed off!

January 2022: What you all clicked on this for! Now even though the Lord provided us with a temporary home in September, we knew it was temporary and this meant that we already knew the date we had to move out by. We started putting out feelers immediately, but the housing market had since gotten worse and especially with rentals! Everyone is searching for places and prices are insane. We knew that only God could make a way. As the time got closer and closer to our move out day I remember talking to Tyler about our Plan B, what happens if we don’t find anything?! Immediately I felt convicted for allowing fear to dictate our plans. God’s character doesn’t change, and he will come through. I repeated that to myself every day and sometimes multiple times a day. There were days of peace, days of questioning, and days and days of trying to convince myself to just keep trusting. The miracle was going to come, and not only that but he was going to upgrade us like he always does in his kindness. We were in constant prayer, we fasted, we put out feelers everywhere we could, we reached out to see if we could go back on campus, we got turned down for low income housing, we heard soooo many NOS and had so many doors close we began to wonder if/when this was going to happen. We started asking the Lord if he had other plans for us and if our time on the island had come to an end, however we both felt strongly that he said to stay, so we continued to pray. We would go look at places available and I would hear the Lord say “this isn’t your home” and feel so torn because realistically we just needed a roof over our heads. It didn’t matter what it looked like, or if we were all going to squeeze into a closet, we just needed a place. On Christmas Eve Tyler told me that he had faith it was all going to work out. I remember holding Ryder in my arms while I was praying with him before bed and I heard the Lord say “ask me” . So I asked him, Lord show up and show off like you always do.
One week before we had to move out of our friends house I got a voicemail. A sweet lady’s voice was on the other end asking about a rental application I had filled out. I called Tyler and asked, at this point I had lost track of what place belonged to what person. He pulled up the email and told me that he had heard back from her and she had shared with him they were overwhelmed with responses and had 20+ applications in 5 minutes and they were sorry to say they weren’t accepting any others. We were both a little shocked that 20+ people had said no and that they were reaching out to us, but of course I called her back. She asked me to share a little about us, and I shared a brief snapshot of who we were and I shared with her the fact that we had been praying and fasting for a home. I could hear her smiling as she shared with me that they had over 100+ applications that came in, and had basically chosen someone for the house. She said he offered them a check for way over asking just to secure it, and she had not accepted yet because the Lord told her to call us. She then shared that the Lord had told her multiple times to call us, but she kept ignoring his voice until it was so loud she couldn’t anymore. She shared with me that she believed there was a reason for that and invited us to come see the place that night. As we drove up that evening Tyler and I kept praying that the Lord would make it abundantly clear if this was our home. As we walked in we could’t stop smiling, the Lord opened the most beautiful door! She told us this felt right to her, it felt right for us, and we signed the lease a few days after! The home is not just an upgrade, it is everything we have been praying for, and literally 2 days before we had to leave our friends home! The Lord showed up and showed off!

God’s character doesn’t change. Miracles are real. The Lord intercedes on your behalf even when you don’t know it. He will always provide for our needs, and He loves to bless us and surprise us with the most wonderful gifts. He is a good good father and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for this next season of life!

– Kaylynn

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