Monday Feels

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A lot can happen in a year. This morning as I was getting ready for Monday morning worship I received a notification that I had a memory in my archives. As I clicked on the picture a flood of memories washed over  me. A year ago today I was sitting at the airport here in Kona ready to board my plane and realizing that I would be back here sooner than I thought. Tyler and I had been praying over the word of the Lord that he received so many years back and this was my first opportunity to experience YWAM and really picture us being here. It was a 4 day trip that came about so spontaneously that there was zero question in my mind it came from the Lord. I remember getting on the plane in San Jose and crying because I could feel the weight of what this trip actually meant, and then arriving in Kona and instantly feeling at peace. That was a gift that I will always cherish. The Lord does some crazy amazing things, and a year later Tyler and I have said goodbye to the place we once called home and walked into a brand new way of life here in Kona. Life looks really different here. We are still adjusting and constantly learning/growing as things around us have changed, but we know we are exactly where the Lord wants us. He has knit this plan together from the start and we are expectant to meet Him here in this place at the time He has called us. So today I can’t help but say Thank You to the One who knows our hearts better than us, the One who knows what lies before us, to the One who created the plan for our lives and gives us purpose in Him. He is going to finish the work He started in us. Thank you Jesus. 

Song that rocked my world today : 

Defender by Francesca Battistelli & Steffany Gretzinger

(read the lyrics as you listen)

Verse that rocked my world today: 

Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent

Moses is proclaiming this to the Israelites as they are standing in fear noticing the Egyptian army is tracking them down. The Lord just rescued them from a life of slavery. I can only imagine how terrifying it would be to be in their shoes. You were just saved and you are leaving a life of anguish and torment behind, then all the sudden you see the entire army of people who you just escaped from following after you. You can almost hear their fear and their thoughts racing as they fully believe they are going to be captured and treated even worse than before. They look to Moses and search for answers and what to do, and he says TRUST THE LORD! He is fighting this battle for you and he doesn’t need you to do anything but trust him. 

** SPOILER ALERT ** He saves them!! 

Now I have never walked a mile in their shoes, however I think if we search ourselves we can all relate to this passage on a deeper level. How many times has the Lord saved us or taken us away from a bad place or situation? The second we start walking with Him the enemy comes to fight and attempt to take us back. The enemy brings fear and doubt into the equation, but we have the Lord on our side and perfect love casts out all fear. The Lord will ALWAYS fight for us. The battle is won, we need only to be still, lean on Him, and trust Him. 

  • I feel like the song Surrounded needs to be playing in the background now! 


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