• I need a Divine connection in life and that of my younger brother

    I want a Divine connection in my younger brothers life and that of my husband. Great promotion, success and progress in every Area of their lives in Jesus name Amen.

  • Prayer

    I'm having place problems
    Please pray for me

  • Mrs

    We invested our money in a foreign trader it started paying well but now it seems to be struggling. He promises to refund us we still waiting. Please pay for the speedy release of our money.

  • Lotto and powerball

    God I am asking to win the jackpots of the lottery and powerball so that I can be the kingdom financial and help those who are in need in Jesus mighty name Amen

  • Ms

    I pray for God provision in my life,to have financially and mentally fulfilling permanent job , that i leave a debt free life and that i can help my family financially

    I have wish to be married one day ,i pray for a Godly loving man too.

  • Pastor

    For church growth and church and personal financial breakthrough.

  • Satan took mind I found my spirit see they bad visions n smalling bad n they talk to me to worship them

    I am born again through the blood of Jesus Christ

  • Human trafficking

    I edge you to pray sons and daughters that a being taken away .please pray change and the spirit of repentance to our nation. That can heal our land from this human trafficking tragedy.

  • Need To Increase Capacity

    Prayed fervently for a job & God granted my request.
    This job is time bound, so I need to double our capacity to meet deadline.
    Father, I receive wisdom & Grace for increased capacity.
    Thanks you Lord for answered prayers!

  • various spiritual

    Please pray for God to surround me with His Presence and with Angels. Ask Him to fill me with more of Himself, Christ's mind, Jesus's Blood, love, faith, hope, joy, peace, beauty etc. Cancel the enemy's plans for me and release faith for God's plans to come to pass in my life. God bless everyone!!!

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