• Healing

    Please pray for me as I am suffering from anxiety, insomnia, depression and have completely lost my appetite.Thank you.

  • New Job But Day off During Sundays

    Please pray for my intentions/petitions:

    To be hired tomorrow for the job that I applied
    Praying to have a considerate and fair boss who will treat us like a family
    A good salary that could sustain our needs , expenses and savings.

    I deeply pray that the new job will allow me to have Sunday as my rest day because I desire to join Sunday Church Worship (virtual/online)

    I have been working for almost 3 years here in Korea and I seldom attended sunday church service (even before that there is no covid)

    This time I offer everything to God I aspire alsoto serve God and to give tithes this time.

    God give the best job for me and please open a new opportunity for me here in Korea.

    Thank U Father God!!!

  • Mrs

    To keep me faithful to his word and for strength and health as I am the only breadwinner in my household pray that my husband and daughter may give there hearts to the Lord...because all and everything we owe is blessings from above...

  • MRS

    I have so many complications ,sugar, pressure, obesity, negative words thrown at me ,witchcraft.

  • Prayer request

    I need to eat everyday. Please pray that I would get food everyday. I had some money & some gifts granted to me, but I don't know when it's going to come. Please pray that God would give me a sign when that day is going to come. I hope it comes soon. Once I receive the money & gifts that I was granted, I need to find a place to stay. Please pray that God would tell me where is the best, suitable place for me to live. I would like to live in a safe area & to always be around good, trustworthy people. Also, I ask for prayers that I would have a warm body temperature & to be safe. Thank you, thank you so much. I definitely appreciate all the help that I could get. Thank you.

  • Drug addict tobacco addict anxiety

    please pray for me

  • Mrs

    Please pray for me I am struggling with fear and anxiety for some time now

  • Mrs

    Please pray for my son to give his haert to Jesus

  • My wive Unforgiveness in our Marriage

    Please pray for me. I'm 64 made some money mistakes +- 10 years ago.
    Now my wife (54) she is Not willing to forgive me. PLEASE pray for us. Pray that Gods power to help find forgiveness in her heart. Pray that she STOPS using this problem as her reason to TERMINATE / end this marriage. GOD knows that I LOVE her DEARLY.
    Please also pray for to find some I come generating opportunity.
    MARMON is our GREATEST ENEMY in this family. She is blessed with a business.


    I kindly greet you in the name of our matchless name of our Father. I would like to have my music production studio and photobooth studio coming to pass immediately. I have been trusting God for this miracle to happen and i still trust God for a Devine Helper. Yes it is done. I currently live in Soth Africa . Thank u

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