• School manager

    I need to take back the Land ownership and entitle benefits from the hands of the enermies

  • P c

    My family and job , life

  • Prayer for miracle Job placements

    I am believing my Father God to please make a way for both my brother and myself to get well paying jobs. My brother has had no permanent job in over 20 yesrs and myself its been over 5 years. God provides but I know He can do much more. We are frustrated of always seeking steady accommodation, waiting on help from others. We are now feeling helpless and losing confidence in our selves. My brother turns 55 in Nov. and I 53 this Oct. Please may God give us well paying jobs for our birthdays this year. This I ask in the powerful & precious name of Jesus, Amen. I will give a testimony and honour our Father all my life.

  • Miss Gxagxisa

    Healing fromHiv and Aids in my family.
    financial breakthrough.unemployment

  • Prayers for break through

    Please I really need prayer for devine conecttion I have been working for more than twenty years now nothing to show for it I need GOD's intervention in my life for breakthrough this year

  • Mrs

    For God to bless me with the baby

  • Prayer Request

    I was an assistant Pastor in a church in Benin, Edo State Nigeria. I left the church two years ago for another assignment the Lord would have me do. Now God said I should go back , for the church need help. The first pastor broke out of the church and a lot of members went with him. The next resident pastor also broke out and membership reduced. Another resident pastor was posted, and he couldn't manage the people and many members left. The General Overseer was contemplating of closing the branch, which he informed about. I prayed about it and God said he should not, that He would do a new thing and it would be a new beginning for the church. The Lord said I should be there for one year for rebuilding and the new thing He wants to do. The work has started. I need you to back me and my family up in prayer for success, protection and provisions. That God should finish and perfect the work of restoration on the branch. Thank you.

  • Breakthrough

    The prayer for employment

  • Deliverance

    I am a born again and I am suffering with a weakness of smoking weed and masturbating. I also want to be active in ministry as I got a calling from God

  • Breakthrouth from poverty

    God to give a good job

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