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Tyler Grieve | Founder, President

   Tyler has been married since 2017 to his wife Kaylynn. They have a son named Ryder who is almost 2 years old. Tyler and Kaylynn have lived in Kailua Kona, Hawaii since 2020 and have integrated right into the community and culture.

   Tyler has developed and worked professionally in many of the different aspects of the Creative realm including music, design, live production, lighting, television and more. Tyler continually consults and teaches around the country in these areas and has a passion to see higher quality applicable training in these areas. Creativity is constantly changing and the way we should be teaching and training the next generation of creative people should be changing as well.

   The long-term dream and the reason Ends of the Earth Media exists is to develop, equip and get people hands-on with the highest quality training, on top-quality equipment so that they can thrive wherever they are in the world. To help the dream and get resources to creatives all around the world, please get in touch with us! You can contact us: Here