Update #1 We landed!

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We have finally made it to the island!
Here’s a quick rundown of our travel day:

Goodbyes at home | 6:30 am
Off to airport | 8:00 am
Flight Delayed… | 10:00 am
The flight takes off | 10:50 am
Arrive in Honolulu | 1:50 pm
Depart for Kona | 6:00 pm
Arrival in Kona | 6:50 pm

Once our new friend Jeff picked us up and helped us account for our luggage, we headed to grab a few essentials, one of which Jeff told us would be a king size sheet for our combined twin mattresses. hahaha, It took us about and our of being in our new room to realize that we hadn’t eaten all day. So we took a walk into town at around 9 pm to grab some food and called it a loooonnngggg day.

Now to the business…
The next couple of days involve us setting up accounts, getting ID cards, meeting the various teams, learning schedules and making Kona a home.
Last night we got to hear about various projects and things happening that are coming extremely soon such as live recordings, a few albums, things occurring in the major meeting space and things that are currently in the drawing board stages. We are so excited and expectant to see what God does in the next stage in our lives.

Interested in Supporting?
For those who have expressed interest in supporting us monthly and in one-time gifts, we are currently going through the final steps to set up a Missionary support account through YWAM. YWAM is registered as a 5013c also, so all donations through the soon to come link and portal will be tax-deductible. They have told us this may take a week to finalize. We will let you know as soon as this is up and running.

Please be praying for:
1. God to reveal what the first part of this undertaking needs to be.
2. What God wants Kaylynn to do
3. For this season of new beginnings for us to be fruitful.

2 Comments on “Update #1 We landed!”

  1. I love you and miss you so much already. I can’t wait to come see you and see this amazing place where God has placed you. I know you are doing great things for God’s kingdom and I couldn’t be more proud of the woman you have become and also for the man He chose for you to marry, together with God you are unstoppable. Love and Hug! Mom <3

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