Update #2 Kaylynn Edition

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Aloha friends and family! We have almost hit our two-week mark, and wow a lot has been going on. Before we came out here, and even when we first started praying over this new venture, we knew that God had something big in mind. Since we landed that thought has been confirmed a million times over. Everything from the people we have met, connections that have been made, and the ways he is utilizing our gifts continue to blow our minds and bring us so much excitement as we look towards this year. Tyler has hit the ground running and has brought that “let’s do this” energy to everything he’s doing, whereas I have taken a slower and more relaxed approach to my new home. I have heard the word from the Lord that this is the time for me to “Be Still” before him and to “Rest” in his presence before jumping into anything, and even though I’m still getting used to taking things slower and not having a million things to do, I am remembering to lean into Him and ask before I move. It’s both a beautiful and terrifying thing being still before the Lord. I have recognized the fact that back at home I did a lot of going through the motions and kept myself busy in order to feel purpose. The Lord is completely stripping me of that here and it’s the scariest feeling not having things figured out.
Thoughts on a Monday
Today as I sit in the cafe for my quiet time I was brought to a passage about Abraham. A man who was given a promise and a command from the Lord to leave his family and the place he was familiar with and venture on a journey to a land God would show him. God gave Abraham a command and a promise, and Abraham simply obeyed. What stood out to me most in this passage was not the fact that God gave Abraham a promise and Abraham obeyed, but the fact that Abraham still walked through hardships and obstacles even though God promised him such good things. He wasn’t perfect, he didn’t walk into the unknown and never have his doubt-filled days, but through everything he encountered he held onto the goodness of God’s promise and kept his eyes fixed on Him. Abraham’s life was not perfect, but the Lord’s plan for his life was. We are not perfect, but the Lord’s plan for us is and always will be.
– Kaylynn

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